Work From No Home System: A Tour Of The Members’ Area

When you purchase the Work from No Home system, you will be given a user name and password that gives you instant access to the members only area of the program. Once logged in, you will find all the tutorials designed to assist you into making a full-time income online. The first thing you will see in the members only area is a welcome video from Peng Joon, were he explains how the tutorials are set out and the best way that you should run through the program.

If you are totally new to Internet marketing, then you will also find basic strategies such as how and where to purchase a domain, where to host the domain, and how to install Word press, which is a commonly used platform to create and manage sites among internet marketers and businesses alike.

The first step of the program is picking a market – choosing a niche for your first money making website. He talks about finding profitable markets and how to understand trends. Once you have decided on a market/Niche, he then talks you through how to find a congruent domain name for your first site.

Peng Joon goes into great detail about creating quality content, as he points out that the content you provide is the key to creating a full-time income online. He talks about the importance of using keywords and how to use them effectively. He also provides examples that demonstrate how he has used the techniques that he teaches on his own sites.

Once you have learnt how to write quality content for your website, you will then need to learn how to optimize that content so that the search engines find it. Work from No Home goes to into great detail about this in the SEO (search engine optimisation) module. The SEO tutorials are all current and valid to this day; many times have we’ve found outdated information that just doesn’t work anymore on other training platforms, but this is not the case in Work from No Home.

Most beginners normally only get as far as creating content and tend to give up when they find they cannot seem to get their website to rank. While this is in fact probably the toughest part of Internet Marketing, Peng Joon realises this and has a whole module that is dedicated to ranking sites, which can be found in the backlinking section. The strategies that are taught in the backlinking section are what successful marketers are using on a daily basis and Work from No Home goes through each in a very simple way that is easy to follow.

After running through the entire program you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information you have taken in, and you may be unsure of where to start. This is where we appreciate the 30 day action plan provided by Work from No Home. Peng Joon has set out an action plan where each day is planned out for you. This really helps to give you a sense of direction which would be otherwise sorely lacking. All you need to do is to complete all the tasks on each day and by the end of the 30 days you should be in a situation where you have 6 websites that are ranking and making some money. Once the 30 day action plan is completed, it just needs to be rinsed and repeated over and over to see the same, consistent results.

Once you are making a regular income, there will come a time where you’ll want to delegate certain tasks that cost you your time or that you just don’t want to do any more. After all, ultimately you’re doing this to free up your time, right? Work from No Home dedicates a whole module to the importance of outsourcing and the best way to use it in your business. He shares tips and tricks for speedy outsourcing and where to find people to delegate tasks to.

Work From No HomeThe Work from No Home Program, gives you the tools and resources to create fulltime living online. It has been used by thousands of people so far and has received a vast amount of positive responses. Since the program is backed up with 2 month money back guarantee AND a 30 day action plan, this will give you adequate amount of time to gauge whether this program will work for you.

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