Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back by from Success.


If your just starting out online, you will most likely have encountered the voice of doom at some point, You know the voice that’s controlled by your fear, Well don’t sweat, Fear is something that can effect us all.

In fact the fear of failure is so powerful that it can take over your mind and force you to give up before you even gave yourself chance to succeed.

Along comes this voice inside your head the voice of doom!, that repeatedly tells you that YOU are going to fail, Man I hate that voice!

You have to remember though, you are only hearing this voice because you are giving yourself a reason to hear it. By having a system to stick to and understanding what you fear, will be equip you with the tools to overcome this “voice” every time you hear it.

Don’t put all your hopes into one project

Lot’s of people when starting out online will choose one project and hope they make money from it, they “put all their eggs in one basket”. This is a big no no, you could spend months ranking a project only to find out it doesn’t make a penny.

Or Google suddenly decides they don’t like you anymore and drops your rankings, what do you think happens then? The voice inside your head suddenly comes into play

“Your site failed, you see I told you, you couldn’t do this, just give up, don’t waste anymore time on this”.

and before you know it, you have given up and are back to working a 9-5 job, answering to the boss!

Now imagine how different that scenario would be, if instead of choosing one project, you chose 5 projects and ranked them at the same time.

odds are out of those 5 projects one would be a success. Now when your just starting out, one success is all you need to give you the confidence and belief in yourself.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed.

It’s far to easy when starting out to overwhelm yourself without the amount of possible strategies  available for online marketing and driving traffic. Here are just a handful

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Banner Placement
  • Solo Ad’s/Paid Lists
  • YouTube

And when your mind becomes overwhelmed from information overload, guess who comes along?  The voice of doom once again,

” Hey I bet you didn’t know you had to learn all this, You can’t possible learn all this information, You don’t even know where to start! Might as well just give up because you will surely fail!”


You don’t need to be the jack of all trades, at least not at first, Learn 1-2 strategies and master them.

Let me tell you this, a friend of mine has a site that makes over $3000 a month, and his only method of driving traffic is through YouTube. Bearing in mind this site is a tutorial site for a popular video game, it still makes him 3k a month from one traffic source.

I promise you this, if you try to learn every strategy straight away for driving traffic you are setting yourself up for failure.

Understand that you will spend money before you make it.

Now you would be a fool to think you will make money online without spending money first. Here are just a handful of things you will need to spend money on.

  • Learning material/ SEO courses
  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Tracking software
  • Email Subscription
  • Link building

If you don’t prepare yourself for this then once again the voice of doom will come into play.

” All your doing is spending money, your not making money! Your financially worse than when you began, just give up! Stop wasting all your money and chasing a dream.”

Understand that running an online business is no different financially than running a traditional brick and mortar business. You ARE going to spend money before you make money, so prepare yourself for this, If your not wanting to spend any money towards your business before you make money,

Then you might as well quit now because quite frankly you don’t have the right mindset to be successful online, sorry to be so harsh but it’s true.

By investing in your business from the get go, your setting yourself up for financial success in the long run.

Doesn’t sound so scary when you plan ahead.

When you plan ahead fear of failure seems virtually impossible and you hardly ever here the voice of doom. Just to recap.

1. Don’t rely on one project, Go for 5 projects or more.

2. Forget trying to learn every possible skill for driving traffic, focus on 1-2 strategies and master them.

3. Be prepared to spend money before you make money.


Follow this process and keep the voice of doom at bay!

If these tips helped you at all, Give this post a like, if you don’t it will make us sad, which we know you don’t want!


- Jamie



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