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Entrepreneur Peng Joon designed Work From No Home as a step-by-step guide for even complete beginners wanting to make money online. After achieving many successes himself online, he designed the prorgam that enabled him to make a fulltime income online. Work From No Home is a members only program (once-off fee) which walks through the fundamentals needed in order to be successful online. You will find a large amount of content broken down into modules which covers all aspects of internet marketing, as well as a 30 day action plan.

********* Update, Work From NO Home, doesn’t seem to have been updated for some time now, we have a feeling the owner has moved onto newer projects, it’s a shame because the system was great but due to recent Google changes we can no longer recommend Work From No Home anymore**********


It’s a fact that more and more people are now finding themselves without a job while the economy changes rapidly. Established brick-and-mortar businesses are now going online, and as a result of this, people who have been working in steady jobs are being handed redundancy packages more and more frequently. The result of this has meant that for some people daily life has started to become a constant financial struggle, especially as jobs become harder and harder to find. But it’s not all bad news; with the ever-changing internet, this opens up huge possibilities for anyone who is willing to learn how to make a fulltime income online.

There are various training platforms available that claim to teach you how to make money online, but in reality many only end up costing you money. However, hidden within the endless number of scams are some golden nugget training courses that over deliver and put you in great stead to making multiple streams of income online. Is Work From No Home one of these? Read on for our unbiased Work From No Home Review.

Who created Work From No Home?

The Work From No home Program was developed by a young internet marketer named Peng Joon. Peng Joon has been making consistent money online for the past 5 years. Peng Joon quantifies this by actually demonstrating via video diary how he made over $12.000 in a 29 day period from scratch.

As there are many IM guru’s out there selling all sorts of snake-oil products, and since we’re in the business of being sceptical, we wanted to learn more about the program, so we purchased Work From No Home to evaluate whether we had just encountered another snake-oil product, or if we had found one of the “golden nuggets” we spoke of earlier.

Here’s what we discovered…

What’s Included in Work From No Home?

We found the Work from No Home program well set out in terms of the learning methods. There’s a huge amount of content that is included within this program, and we can see that Peng Joon has made every effort to keep it as step-by-step and simple to follow as possible by walking you through even the vey basics, including how to set up a website with hosting, choosing and registering a domain, and setting up WordPress. Advanced strategies are also covered and explained, such as the effective use of press releases and using progressive Youtube marketing. For a complete breakdown and description of the modules provided we recommend you check out our “what’s included” post, but in summary the training modules provided include:

  1. Welcome
    Once logged in to the members’ area, you are greeted with a welcome video from Peng Joon, were he explain the layout of the various modules and the recommended way of getting through all the material in the program
  2. Basics
    For those complete newbies who don’t know how to do even the most menial tasks us internet marketers take for granted, details such as how and where to purchase domain, hosting your website, and steps on installing WordPress are included.
  3. Choosing a Niche
    Work from No Home covers how to find a viable niche
  4. Creating Content
    This topic is covered in great detail, as Peng emphasis the important of quality content on your website. Also covered is how to use your keywords within your content (on-page SEO optimisation). Actual real-life examples of this are provided.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation
    Work from No Home goes into great detail on SEO (search engine optimisation). The instruction provided is current and valid.
  6. Backlinking
    A continuation of Search Engine Optimisation, this is probably the biggest stumbling point for beginners – they just can’t seem to get it right. Work from No Home provides an entire module dedicated to ranking sites, which we’re pleased to report provides methods which are still effective to this day. Each method is covered in a very simple way that is easy to follow.
  7. 30 Day Action Plan
    Our favourite module by far – this is a section often overlooked by internet marketing training courses, as they provide you tons of information and then don’t tell you when or how exactly to use it! This module is the glue that makes the entire system work. If you go through the modules and then actually follow the 30 day action plan, then your chances of failure are immediately reduced exponentially.
  8. Outsourcing
    Eventually, you will want to outsource some or all of your tasks. This module shares tips and tricks for speedy outsourcing and where to find people to delegate tasks to.
  9. Done for you templates and content
    Work from No Home also provides a huge inventory of done-for-you templates, Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, graphics and products. The templates are available for a very large variety of niches, and although these are not essential to your success, they are a nice touch.

Is there an action plan?

Included in the system is a 30 day action plan which provides a blueprint of what to do each day in order to make money online. Peng Joon claims that this is the very plan he uses that ensures that he makes money online consistently. The blueprint is designed to ‘hold your hand’ through the whole process, and by the end of the first 30 days you should be in a position where you’ll have up to 6 websites up and running and in profit (from scratch). Having a step-by-step system is a critical factor in our rating of IM products, as just throwing a large amount if “how to” info and data at people who possibly have never done anything like this before is just not going to work!

Anything negative I should know?

A total beginner may take considerably longer to work through the material as there is quite a lot to absorb and digest.

If you’re looking to see fast results by following the Work From No Home program, then you’ll need to be prepared to spend some money. Peng Joon recommends various different programs that help to get the tasks completed in a timely manner, and of course each program does carry their own cost. We felt that some of these programs should only need to be invested in once you are making consistent money from your online marketing efforts. That’s not to say that these tasks can’t be completed without purchasing these programs, because they can, but of course at a cost of it taking you longer to do them.

We didn’t find many video tutorials in the program, and we’re sensitive to the fact that some people do prefer that style of learning.

Does Work From No Home Deliver?

The program itself certainly over-delivers in regards to the numerous methods and guides taught in the course material.

The Work From No Home System is an extensive program that has the potential to take someone who is a complete novice to fulltime marketer if they put the required amount of work in. It certainly is a not a snake-oil get rich quick scheme, and if you’re serious about making a fulltime income online then the Work From No Home program certainly has the ability to help you achieve that.

As with any IM course, the big disclaimer here is that you can buy the course, you can even read it, but the course won’t make you money, YOU must do the work outlined in the course since it’s not going to do it for you! Ultimately success always comes down to you; we can confirm that the program has solid information on creating a online success if you choose to follow it.

Since the program comes equipped with a 2 month money back guarantee, we recommend that you give the 30 day blueprint a shot. Even if it takes you 60 days instead of 30, it’ll certainly give anyone ample time to assess the course material and its efficacy.

Where and How To Buy

Work From No HomeThe Work From No Home program costs a one-time payment of $37, and is only available from Peng Joon’s official website. Once payment has been made, you will get instant access to the member’s only area, where you will find all the course material.

Click Here To Be Taken To The Official Site Safely

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