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Wealthy Affiliate is a internet marketing training platform created by Kyle and Carson and has been available since 2005. Over the years it’s active community has grown and so has the value found inside. The course is designed primarily for beginners but even experienced marketers could find use within the program.

There are two options available for joining, a free option and a premium version costing $47 per month, with both options you get access to starter course and support from Kyle and Carson themselves.

If your looking to quit your job and live the dream of working from home then will most likely need to seek advice from the professionals and acquire the right set of skills to succeed online. There are many online training programs that claim to teach you the fundamentals to make money online but unfortunately a lot of these programs are either out dated or just simply don’t work. Amongst the many programs we have researched and used, the one that stood out from the crowd for us is a platform called wealthy affiliate. WA has been on the market now since 2005 and in the terms of internet marketing is a substantial amount of time for a program to succeed for so long. Here is our detailed wealthy affiliate review.

Where did it start?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle and Carson who was and still are very successful online marketers. When WA was created there was only a small community, 9 years later, it is now home to huge community of internet marketers alike. Since WA opened it’s doors, it has helped a heap of people so far achieve success online and provide the freedom of working from home.

What can you expect to find inside?

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Wealthy Affiliate is designed to take from newbie to Internet Marketing veteran, The course it’s self is divided into four different levels.

  • Getting started
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Making Money
  • Mastering Social Engagement.

Each Level in the course contains 10 steps to complete, Kyle and Carson hold your hand through every step to make sure it sticks and more importantly to make sure you take action on what you learn, Once you have run through all the steps you should be well on your way to replacing your income online, but the training doesn’t stop there in fact that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact wealthy affiliate is more like a university for internet marketing and business rather than just a training course. There is a huge amount of classrooms that are updated regularly on various different topics for online business as well as weekly webinars training. A live chat feature allows you to gain answers to some of your questions from the experienced marketers in the community and since WA has members from all over the globe you won’t have to worry about time differences and waiting to her answer.

As well as huge amount of training there are also tools included in the system that you will need to use for your online business, such as a keyword tool, link tracking software and free hosting and WordPress express. In short you are getting a ton of information and resources within Wealthy Affiliate.

Things to look out for.

It’s hard to find a negative thing to say about wealthy affiliate, but if we had to mention anything it would be the layout of the dashboard, it is a little bit messy and can make you feel a little disorientated, for a complete novice it may seem a bit of struggle to find where you need to go after you finish the certification course, but having said that there are lots of helpful people in the live chat area who will happily direct you if you feel a bit lost.

Will Wealthy Affiliate work for you?

If your serious about taking the time to train and learn the skills to develop a long term online business, then you will find everything you will ever need within the WA system. However if you’re the type of person that is not prepared to work hard (especially for the first 6 months) and are looking for some kind of get rich quick scheme that’s promises riches in  a short amount of time, then you will unfortunately be very disappointed with wealthy affiliate.  Having said that, The methods and formula that wealthy affiliate teaches DO WORK and will work over and over again, once you get over initial learning curve.

We recommend this product.

How to Join?

Wealthy Affiliate offers two options for it’s members a free a membership and a paid membership. If your looking to test the water before purchasing then you may want to check out the free option that WA offers. With the free option you gain access to level one of the course “Getting Started” An option to create two websites and host them for free and also the ability to participate in the live chat feature for 7 days, after the 7 days you will lose access to the chat feature. You will not be required to submit your payment details to set up a free account as you might find with a lot of free/trial products.

The paid membership costs $359 and gains you access to all the features of the program for 12 months, including unlimited sites and free hosting, Full access to live support and access to all the modules, training and tools inside the members area. With the Paid membership you also have the opportunity to spread the cost out over a monthly basis if you prefer which costs $47 a month.

The program is only available to purchase from the official Wealthy Affiliate website, which you can find by following our verified link below. If you want to quit your job and work from home then the training found at wealthy affiliate can do that for you.

Click Here To Be Taken To The Official Verified Wealthy Affiliate Site

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