Struggling with your niche selection? This guide should help


One of the biggest frustrations when you begin your internet marketing career is finding a niche/topic to promote. A lot of people fall into the mindset of struggling to think of a niche or end up doing any of the following three things.

  1. They choose a niche, begin building a site adding a few articles and then suddenly decide this is not the niche for them and move on to another topic, thus moving from project to project, one step forward and two steps back.
  2. They have no idea what niche to promote, they don’t know what their interests are and have not given it enough thought, which ultimately leads to them giving up before they even start.
  3. They decide to opt for too broad of a niche, instead of speciliasing in one perticular area of that broader niche, more on that later.

Following your passion.

I will tell you this, a couple of years ago when I was deciding on a niche to promote I made the mistake to opt for what I thought would be the most profitable niche, this led to me quickly failing on that perticular site due to one thing

I didn’t have the passion to drive that project to success.



You are far better choosing a niche that you have an interest in, rather than going for something you have no interest in at all. What ever you decide on you will mean you have to create lot’s of content about that perticully subject, so that’s why it’s important that it holds your attention.

Can you imagine having to write a heap load of content on something that bores you to tears?

No of course not, which is why when you decide on a niche it’s important that you land on something that you know will hold your interest, at least enough to write a post 2-3 times a week ;-) .


Will it make you money?

Having a passion or interest is only the first step, you must make sure that the niche/topic you choose is going to make you money.

Now I’m a firm believer that you can make money from any niche but some niches are clearly more profitable than others such as health, wealth and the relationship niche.

One of my early sites, was a huge passion of mine, but I later found out after building shit loads of content, that there wasn’t really many options for monitization other than ads, had I have known this before I probably wouldn’t have gone for that niche, since I’m not a huge fan of adsense..

“Of all the forms of wisdom, hindsight is by general consent the least merciful, the most unforgiving.”

John Fletcher, intro, Jean-Claude Favez’s Holocaust


This is key, being able to profit from something you love to write about!

So the idea is to find a niche that;

A. Will hold you interest, so you can write lots of content for it

B. Is not too broad


C. Will make you money, and not just pocket change!

Sounds difficult right?

It’s difficult because it’s hugely important, and what ever you decide on, you know you will have to make it work or go back to the drawing board over and over again.

Start brainstorming your ideas.

Make a list of all the things you love to do and all the things you are good at, don’t leave anything out no matter how silly it may sound.

Make sure to give this some serious thought and try to collect a big list of things together if you can.


It’s better to choose something than nothing.

Remember you don’t have to be an expert on your chosen subject and odds are you will have many failures before success, if your not prepared for short term failure than stop reading and go back to your day job!

Seriously though, until you start producing content you are no closer to financial freedom.

But what if you don’t know a huge amount about your chosen topic?

That’s what the internet is for, the only way we learn new things is by researching and learning from somebody who already knows what your trying to learn.

This does not mean you should copy word for word what you read but rather take notes and think how you can adapt that information into your own words and improve on that information.


Is your niche too competitive?

So you have decided on a few niche ideas, then there’s the next issue, competition! is your niche too competative?, Is your niche already taken up?

If your asking these kind of questions then you are already setting yourself up for failure.

No niche is taken up, there is always ways to improve on a saturated niche and with a lot of time and dedication any niche is up for the taking, but why make things more difficult than they actually need to be?

Why go out in the trenches competing with every other SEO on the effing planet, when you could take some time to dissect your chosen niche, until you have a super targeted less competitive niche.

fish in tank


Let’s say you was interested in health and diet. You could create a site about ” Fasting for men over the age of 50″

Do you see how that works?

We have taken a very competitive niche, such as the diet health and trimmed it down to a smaller area, “fasting” we have then made it even more targeted by choosing to focus on fasting for men over the age of 50.

search fasting

You can see from the competition that the top 3 sites for that search shows nothing to do with fasting, looks like it’s pretty untapped!

We now need to know whether we can make any money from that niche, so let’s take a look. First we will head over to amazon and do a search for fasting, since we know amazon has a affiliate program called “amazon associates”.

we can see that the search brings back lot’s of books to promote around “fasting”

amazon search

Now let’s take a look at another well know affiliate company “Clickbank”, Again we do the same search and see if we can find anything.

clickbank search


Now even though the products aren’t specifically about fasting, they’re about dieting and losing weight. Think about it why would people or in our case men over 50 be interested in fasting? To lose weight!

So do you think someone who is looking into fasting to lose weight might be interested to hear about other products for weight loss?

Of course!

Hang on a minute, So we have taken a super competitive broad term health and Diet, and turned it into a super untapped market, yet still be able to promote the same products as a broad niche?

Effing Awesome!!


If you filter through a broad niche like this, then nine times out of ten you shouldn’t need to build many backlinks, just good on page SEO should do the trick.


Now you have no excuse get your brain working and go out there and crush it with SEO!



If this guide helped you, Give it a share and link, we appreciate it a lot :-)



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